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Name: Annie
Age: 15
Location: Minnesota
Favourite movies: Finding Nemo, Big Daddy, Out Cold, Romeo + Juliet, Big Fish, LOTR Trilogy, Catch Me If You Can, Wayne's World 1 and 2
Favourite bands/artists: Reggie and the Full Effect, Get Up Kids, The Ataris, Incubus, Yellowcard, The Juliana Theory, New Found Glory, Relient K, Something Corporate, Dashboard Confessional, Linkin Park, Fuel, Jimmy Eat World
Favourite songs: Stellar//Incubus I'm Lost Without You//Blink 182 My Annie//Craig's Brother In Love With The 80s//Relient K Rough Draft//Yellowcard
</b>Favourite books:</b> Harley, Like A Person and {catalyst
Favourite quotes/sayings/song lyrics:
"darling i want to make the word "love" new cause it's been said so many times and i don't want to use that old pick up line" and "words keep cluttering in my mind as i persist in this futility but no vocabulary could ever represent the beauty i see"
(craig's brother my annie)

anything from the movie Out Cold is hilarious.

"what you do speaks so loudly i cannot hear what you say" (ralph waldo emerson)
Hobbies: snowboarding, photography, soccer, track/running


grin and bear it
(sorry, this got a bit stretched out, it's huge if i don't make it that way)

first day of school, first home soccer game.

this one just cause it's fun.


this one too. the tie was a joke though.
i&apos;ll teach you how to stunt

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